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By checking the box below, I acknowledge the following:

  • This option is only available if no admission decision has been determined for my application. If my file has already been reviewed and a decision made by the admissions committee, this request is void.
  • I have requested for Texas Tech University to waive the requirement of submitting an official SAT or ACT score as part of my application file.
  • I will not be required to submit this score and will be evaluated for admission based on a holistic review process that includes, but is not limited to: high school transcript, dual credit transcript, essays, letters of recommendation, and resume.
  • Any ACT or SAT score that has been received by Texas Tech University will not be used in the evaluation of my application for admission or for scholarship purposes.
  • Should I not be admitted to Texas Tech University, I understand that I will be given other alternative admissions options.
  • If I wish to request a re-evaluation of my admission decision, I can provide a test score(s) and complete the re-evaluation request process.

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