Texas Tech University




Remi Del Rio Gonzalez

Admissions Counselor

Areas of Recruitment:

San Antonio, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico & US Territories



Contact Information

Office Location:
Austin Regional Center - San Antonio Based
10000 Research Blvd., Suite 250
Austin, Texas 78759




Quick Facts

Mexico City, Mexico

Where did you go to college?
University of Texas at San Antonio

What was your major?
Psychology and Philosophy

Get to know me better.
Being raised in Mexico City and then living in San Antonio for some years allowed me to broaden my perspective and allowed me to experience the contrasting differences between big cities and the small town of Lubbock. Having outstanding places to eat like One Guy and West Crust, and places like Main Event and all the fun the goes around Texas Tech, Lubbock truly has the heart of a small town and the soul of a big city. I feel so fortunate to be able to work for this institution and find myself so excited knowing that I will be visiting Lubbock from time to time!

Personal Quote:
Texas Tech University gave me the opportunity to experience West Texas hospitality at its finest. Everybody in staff as well as everybody in town offered an extraordinary pleasant and warm welcome.

Favorite thing to do on campus:
Drink coffee and have philosophy study groups.