Texas Tech University

Stephen Phillips, B.G.S.

Senior Academic Advisor
University Advising

Coming from several years of teaching into academic advising, the guiding philosophy of “facilitating student success” helped me to feel right at home here at Texas Tech. After attending the University of Leicester School of Archaeology & Ancient History for a year of correspondence coursework, during which time I volunteered with the Lubbock Lake Landmark & Texas Tech Museum, I decided that success depended upon further face-to-face education. I began attending night classes for another year at Wayland Baptist University to complete most core requirements, while working as the manager for the University location of Ralph's Records (for those who remember when it was right across from Tech!). When my first daughter was born, I figured I'd better speed things up, and began full-time attendance at Texas Tech University. Intent on finishing with a degree in Anthropology, I instead found myself working at a local high school as an associate teacher, and finished as a General Studies major in Anthropology, Classics, and Human Development. After graduation I went briefly back into teaching and then discovered academic advising. I have lived happily ever after.

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