Texas Tech University

Caroline Gressett

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

From rural Muenster, Texas, Caroline Gressett is a first-generation college student. Choosing Texas Tech was easy for her because of the vast opportunities and advanced programs, like TTU PreLaw, provided by the college. As a Spanish major, she hopes to open doors for many people with different backgrounds through her future work with law and, possibly, the government. Caroline was a Mortar Board Top Ten Freshman for 2015-2016 in her first year at Texas Tech. That same year, she served as the Vice President of the Spanish Club. During her second year at Tech, she studied abroad to Spain for a semester to solidify her bilingual skills and to broaden her cultural horizons. Her drive and desire to be involved led her to being one of your 2017-2018 PreLaw Ambassadors.

As an Ambassador, Caroline wants to help other people realize their dreams of going to law school. Before switching to the PreLaw program, she was going to join Tech Teach to become a high school teacher. Her dream of going to law school couldn't leave her mind though, and with the help of a PreLaw Ambassador, she realized it wasn't too late for her. Caroline hopes to be a friendly face to students interested in Texas Tech's PreLaw program and a driving force from within the PreLaw team. With her law degree, she would love to rally for education in the government. Caroline has always enjoyed political science, and she can see herself working for the government one day. As long as she can help people, she'll be happy with whatever job her degree brings her.

Caroline would love to go out of state for law school but is open to in state ones, as well. She is interested in the University of Texas Law School, Tulsa University School of Law, Duke Law School, or the University of Washington Law School, but she will go where her LSAT score and GPA fit best. She hopes to have an internship in Austin or Washington DC in the Summer of 2018 through the Government and Public Services Internship Program or be a part of

the Texas Tech Law School's PreLaw Academy. Caroline feels these would help make her a competitive applicant for law school, and she is excited to see where her hard work and perseverance will take her one day.