Texas Tech University

Kinsee Tumlinson

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

My name is Kinsee Tumlinson, I am from Cedar Park, TX, and I am an incoming sophomore at Texas Tech. I am currently majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology. My interests aside from law are spending time with family and friends, fishing and outdoor activities, and being around animals. As a PreLaw Ambassador, I bring forth skills of leadership, communication, and organization. With my experience as a PreLaw student I am able to provide advice to new members of the program. I have been involved in teen court, debate, and have shadowed the Senate at the state capital. I look forward to continuing these experiences in my journey towards law school. I have wanted to pursue a career in law since middle school, something about case work and fighting for justice for others sparked an interest in me. My options are open when it comes to what law I wish to focus on. Criminal justice has always been a passion of mine, but as I have been exposed to more people and opportunities, I have realized how much there is to discover when it comes to practicing law. In order to achieve these goals of mine I will continue to be active in the PreLaw program, expose myself to as many professionals as I can who can help me gain more experience, and constantly keep my eye on the ultimate aspiration—a law degree. The top law schools on my list are Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and St. Mary's—all of which are in Texas. I want to attend law school in Texas because I want to stay in Texas to continue my career in law. As a semester by semester plan goes, I want to get started on internships as soon as I can—whether paid or unpaid, the experience will be what ultimately matters. This summer I have already met with an attorney from a small family owned firm and am already making connections. This year I want to start taking mock LSATs and slowly begin my journey into the LSAC world and studying for the LSAT. My junior year I will take the LSAT and spend the most of my sixth and seventh semester applying to law schools. While this won't be an easy road, I cannot wait to see what lies ahead and where my experiences and hard work will take me.