Texas Tech University

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Working Therapy Dog Teams

Ms. Bonnie Brooks, with Sasha, CGC, TDI, NAP, NAJP, OAP, OAJP

Bonnie and Sasha, a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi, have been volunteers with many organizations, but notably have helped many patients during their hospice care. Sasha enjoys these visits and at one point even communicated to Bonnie that she was not ready to leave and continued to comfort a person, who turned out to be not long for this world. Bonnie cares deeply about making a difference in the lives of both animals and people, as she also volunteers with Corgi Rescue of West Texas and is a member of the South Plains Obedience Training Club. Aside from volunteering her time as a therapy dog, Sasha also enjoys competing in agility and showing off her many tricks.

Bonnie with Sasha

Dr. Sandra Sabatini, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, with Daisy, CGC, TDI

Former faculty in the Departments of Physiology and Internal Medicine (tenure) at the Texas Tech School of Medicine, Dr. Sabatini now devotes her time to teaching first and second year medical students and providing service to Lubbock Independent School District, hospitals, nursing homes, and charities with her 6 year old Therapy Dog, Daisy, 5 days per week. She is currently in training with her 8 month old Havanese, Pippo.

Sandra with Daisy

Ms. Christy Oden, MEd, LPC, with Stella, Pet Partners Animal Assisted Therapy Dog.

Stella and I became certified to do animal assisted therapy 5 years ago. I viewed animal assisted therapy as a way to join two of my passions, counseling people and love for animals. We have worked with children and adults dealing with such issues as anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain and grief. Stella has a heart full of love, is gentle and very intuitive to those in her environment. She brings a therapeutic element to our work that is hard to explain in words, but is very evident in outcomes. We were interested in participating in this particular program as a means to expand the knowledge and acceptance of therapy dogs in a wider environment. They are an asset to our world.

Christy with Stella

Human-Animal Interaction Lab