Texas Tech University


Undergraduate Courses

ANSC 4408. Animal Shelter Management-S, 4 credits.

This course is a combination of lecture, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and service learning in animal shelter management. Students will learn the history and philosophy of animal shelters, gain hands-on experience with shelter animal husbandry, veterinary, and behavioral care, and learn about companion animal population management and public health and policy issues as they pertain to companion and homeless animals. Throughout the course, students will engage in service learning by working directly with animal shelters in the community. This course has a "Service Learning" designation.

ANSC 4101 & 4203. Dog Training Practicum I and II. (1-2 credits).

In this hands-on practicum, students will learn how to train pet dogs and hold community dog training classes. In Practicum I, students will practice their dog training skills with shelter dogs, culminating in earning their respective dog the AKC Canine Good Citizen award. In Practicum II, students will run and teach community dog training classes. Students will assist with making lesson plans, taking attendance, and assisting owners with handling and training their dogs. Students will be required to come to each lesson prepared, enthusiastic, and ready to learn. This class can be repeated for credit. Approval from the instructor needed to sign up for these courses.




Human-Animal Interaction Lab