Texas Tech University

Amy L. Petry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Animal and Food Sciences

Email: amy.petry@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-3372

Room Number: 203 AFS

Dr. Amy Petry
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Amy Petry, an expert in nutritional physiology, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.  Her research program broadly focuses on improving the health and production of swine through research in nutritional physiology, while also training future leaders for successful careers in animal science. Through her teaching appointment, she aims to foster an enthusiastic and creative classroom that implements cooperative group-based learning strategies that promotes the practice of soft skills among students.

The overall goal of her research program is to cultivate a multidisciplinary research lab that works collaboratively with the swine industry to solve critical problems facing pork producers through innovative science. Specifically, her lab has 3 main research themes:

  • Investigating the non-nutritive functions and bioactive compounds of dietary ingredients and their role in physiology and health;
  • Improving the utilization and energetic contribution of complex carbohydrates in swine;
  • Examining the link between inflammatory stressors and metabolic disruptions on whole body energetics.

Prior to taking her new position, Amy served as Applied Swine Nutrition Lab Manager and graduate research assistant at Iowa State University. At Iowa State, she was a USDA-AFRI National Needs Fellow where her research focused on investigating the modes of action of the exogenous enzyme xylanase in pigs fed corn-based fiber. Amy was named a 2020 Rising Star of the Swine Industry by National Hog Farmer and received the Stahly/Peo Outstanding Swine Nutrition Graduate Student Award from the Midwest Section of the American Society of Animal Science. She also received the Graduate Student Excellence Award from the ISU Department of Animal Science as the outstanding graduate student in her class and the departmental award for Outstanding Teaching.  Her bachelor's and master's degrees are from Texas Tech. Her doctorate in animal science is from Iowa State University.

Animal & Food Sciences