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Agricultural Certification at Texas Tech University

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ACTT is an online alternative certification program designed to provide graduates with a Bachelor's degree in an agricultural related field the opportunity to obtain a teaching certificate in agricultural education.

How do I get certified?


Complete the Course

Modules provide basic fundamentals of agricultural education, classroom management and program development.

Certification Exams

Complete the Professional Pedagogy and Responsibilities and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources exams.


Begin your year of teaching to complete the internship portion of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How long does the program take?"

The program is completed at your pace, but is usually completed between 12 to 18 months. A suggested schedule is provided, but allows user flexibility.

"Do I have to have an agriculture-related degree to become certified?"

Yes. This certification was created to provide graduates of an agricultural program an opportunity to earn an agricultural teaching certificate without having to complete a master's degree program.

"Is the program completely online?"

All modules are completed online, leading up to the internship, which is the first year of classroom instruction.

"What makes ACTT different?"

ACTT provides an opportunity to earn an agricultural teaching certificate through Texas Tech University, a leader in training agriculture teachers in the state of Texas. The program is tailored to those who have already completed a Bachelor of Science degree in an agricultural field.


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Certification Fees


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Why choose ACTT?

Earn your agricultural teaching certificate online through Texas Tech University.

There is an ongoing shortage of agriculture teachers across the United States, and Texas is no exception. The Agricultural Certification program at Texas Tech (ACTT) aims to increase the number of agricultural science teachers by alternatively certifying ag-industry professionals with a bachelor's degree in an agricultural field. Texas Tech University maintains a reputation for training excellent agriculture teachers. Our program content mirrors our undergraduate teacher education program, and an internship provides one-on-one interactions with faculty members during the first year in the classroom. Individuals earning a teaching certification can gain similar outstanding preparation as those in a traditional teacher preparation program.

There is no better time to become an agriculture science teacher in Texas. ACTT today, so you can teach tomorrow!

  • Learn at your own pace with self-guided modules.
  • Take professional experiences in your relative areas of expertise & apply it to your teaching.
  • Develop skills to teach & engage with students effectively.
  • Learn the components behind the building of curriculum and lesson plans.


Why be an agricultural educator?

Photo of Chelsea Hatch

Chelsea Hatch

 Plainview High School

"If you don't know if you want to teach ag, you do. You're going to change kids lives, and if that's something you want to do, then this is the job for you."

Photo of Aaron Bednarz

Aaron Bednarz

Lubbock-Cooper High School

"The most rewarding part of this career is being involved with students on teams. I try to always remember the feeling you get when you finally accomplish something you thought you never would. Students have a very genuine sense of gratitude to the people who help them achieve their goals even if they do not realize it was a goal or how valuable it would be to them down the road."

Photo of Blake Vineyard

Blake Vineyard

Lubbock-Cooper Middle School

"Being able to see kids advance to area or state competitions and achieve something far bigger than themselves is probably my favorite part about being an ag teacher."

Interested in applying?

For any questions regarding the ACTT program, please contact Dr. John Rayfield by phone 806-834-1956 or email john.rayfield@ttu.edu