Texas Tech University

CASNR Safety Committee

The CASNR Safety Committee will foster a culture that prioritizes laboratory safety in both research and classroom settings. Specific responsibilities include: facilitating a system to ensure that faculty, staff, and student workers have received adequate safety training with respect to working with hazardous chemicals, biological agents, mechanical devices and equipment, and handling of and interaction with animals and that such training is appropriately documented; ensuring that appropriate safety training is provided in all courses taught in CASNR that have content or activities with safety implications and that such training is documented; working with departments to ensure that inventories of chemicals are current and that chemicals are properly handled and stored; distributing university safety regulations and safety-related informational materials to departments in CASNR; and serving as a body that receives input on safety-related issues and concerns from CASNR faculty, staff, and students. The committee will advise the Dean on all matters related to safety of faculty, staff, and students in CASNR.

Agricultural & Applied Economics

  • Kelly Lange

Agricultural Education & Communications

  • David Lawver

Animal & Food Sciences

  • Alejandro Echeverry

Landscape Architecture

  • Charlie Klein

Natural Resources Management

  • Mark Wallace (Chair)

Plant & Soil Science

  • Robert Wright
  • Reagan Anders

Dean's Office Coordination

  • Christy Bratcher