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Dairy Barn Restoration

A Symbol of Innovation & Commitment

Dairy Barn

Visioning the Future: Collaboration, Research & Study
After sitting vacant for 50 years and being one of the oldest and most recognizable structures on campus, the Dairy Barn stands as a monument to the University's history. Having been a working barn, it represents communal work and work done for the community. Once the barn is renovated, it will make a bold statement that the past and the future come together only in the present.

With its prime central location, the Dairy Barn is an ideal collaborative and conference space for Texas Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This unique venue in the heart of the campus will allow discussion of problems ranging from the nuances of a particular discipline to the global grand challenges facing humanity over the next several decades. Students, faculty, visiting scholars, and artists will be invigorated to work together on creative ventures, problem solving, and developing new program initiatives.


‘The Dairy Barn stands as a witness to the spirit and vision of those who laid the foundation for Texas Tech University. We now have an opportunity to preserve and protect our history and tradition by making the Dairy Barn a dynamic part of what our thriving University has become. The Office of the President will match dollar-for-dollar up to a $1.3 million for each donation made to restore this historic landmark for future generations of students.'
— President Lawrence Schovanec
Texas Tech University

CONTACT: Jane Piercy, Director of Development and External Relations, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Texas Tech University at (806) 742-2802 or jane.piercy@ttu.edu

Dairy Barn in Black and White

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‘In 1969, when I joined the biology faculty at Texas Tech a colleague told me about the history of a run down, unused building known as the Dairy Barn. The story impressed me because of the reference to hard working students who were contributing to the cost of their education through access to this space. Forty one years later when I retired as Dean of CASNR my respect for the efforts of these students remained but I had also become profoundly aware of the symbolism embodied in the Dairy Barn. It represents Texas Tech's hard working students and its intimate relationship to agriculture. Therefore, Liz and I are happy to support the preservation and renovation of the Dairy barn.'

– Dr. John Burns
Former Texas Tech University Provost & CASNR Dean