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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CASNR DEI Committee

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Diversity and equity is critical to our research and educational missions. We seek to realize the full promise of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture by offering an environment where everyone can thrive. The college seeks to create opportunities and experiences that enable full participation from all students, staff, and faculty in an affirmative academic environment that values diversity, promotes an inclusive culture, and establishes a profound sense of belonging for each member of the college. Toward this end, we must be able to navigate difference, develop empathy and continue to learn the value of engagement with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Our Vision is to lead CASNR toward an equitable, inclusive, and diverse culture where everyone has a strong sense of belonging. We envision an environment that catalyzes and sustains inclusion to enable all people to feel that the identity they hold belongs and authentically influences the culture, values, and future of the College.

Diversity committee

Committee Members

Sandra Addo (Co-Chair)
Administrator for Diversity & Graduate Student Recruitment – CASNR
Email: sandra.addo@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 742-2808

Jyotsna Sharma (Co-Chair)
Professor – Plant & Soil Science
Email: jyotsna.sharma@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-2637

Peggy Espinoza-Horn
Coordinator of College Development - CASNR
Email: peggy.espinoza@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-6356

Muntazar Monsur
Assistant Professor – Landscape Architecture
Email: mmonsur@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-2994

Jared Horsford
Lecturer – Landscape Architecture
Email: jared.horsford@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-8474

Damar Lopez-Arredondo
Assistant Professor – Plant & Soil Science
Email: Damar.Lopez-Arredondo@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-3364

Bryan Richardson
Technician II – Natural Resources Management
Email: bryan.richardson@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 742-2841

Matthew Barnes
Assistant Professor – Natural Resources Management
Email: matthew.a.barnes@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-2122

Jason Headrick
Assistant Professor – Agricultural Education & Communications
Email: jason.headrick@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-5749

David Doerfert
Professor – Agricultural Education & Communications
Email: david.doerfert@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-4477

Nina Ham
Business Manager – Agricultural & Applied Economics
Email: nina.ham@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-1594

Michael Farmer
Associate Professor – Agricultural & Applied Economics
Email: michael.farmer@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-6996

Jhones Sarturi
Associate Professor – Animal & Food Sciences
Email: j.sarturi@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-4926

Hannah Gauthier
Lecturer – Animal & Food Sciences
Email: hgauthie@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-1901

Vinicius Silva Machado
Assistant Professor – Veterinary Sciences
Email: Vinicius.Machado@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834-4695


Sandra Addo

Sandra Addo
DEI Committee Co-Chair
Administrator for Diversity & Graduate Student Recruitment
(806) 742-2808

Jyotsna Sharma

Jyotsna Sharma
DEI Committee Co-Chair
Professor – Plant & Soil Science
(806) 834-2637

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