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June 09, 2014

R. A. Brown Ranch Scholarship Endowment

R.A. Brown Ranch Scholarship Endowment was established by Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Brown, Jr. and family in 2002. Scholarship for an entering freshman or currently enrolled student majoring in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources who has shown exceptional leadership ability in FFA, 4-H, or similar youth organizations and who shows promise for continued future leadership roles in the agricultural industry. These leadership abilities include characteristics such as the art of public speaking; ability to think and make decisions; human relations skills; enthusiasm; optimism; and the ability to instill the same leadership qualities in others. Scholarships can be renewed at the discretion of the committee with satisfactory progress of the student.

June 09, 2014

Frank M. Carter Memorial Dean's Scholarship and Top-O-Texas Endowed Scholarship

Frank M. Carter Memorial Scholarship was established by Buster Carter, Pat Carter, and Phebe Carter Hetchcock in 1985. Scholarships for entering freshmen and currently enrolled students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources based on high school record and entrance examination scores; or on GPA. Awards will include a minimum $1,000 scholarship to a student from the Top-O-Texas Show area and one or more Gold Award Dean's Scholars Scholarship awards per year. The Gold Award is renewable with appropriate academic progress.