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June 09, 2014

Shirley and Mildred Garrison University Scholarship Endowments

The Shirley and Mildred Garrison University Scholarship Endowment was established by Shirley and Mildred Garrison in 1997. Mr. Garrison started producing seed and formed the Garrison Seed Company in 1966. In addition to his farming operations, Shirley was involved in cattle feeding and became president of the Bar G. Feed Yard Summerfield, Texas in 1983. He was also involved in the banking industry. He also founded the Garrison Institute on Aging at the Texas Tech Health Science Center, established a Chair for research into aging and funds a brain bank for use by researchers nationwide. Philanthropy has been a very import part of his life, benefiting many education institutions with direct support and students with scholarship support. These gifts have come through a Trust he and Mildred created at the Amarillo Area Foundation and through direct giving to a wide range of institutions such as Texas Tech University, and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. He was also a strong supporter of agricultural heritage museums such as the American Museum of Agricultural, and The American Wind Power Center in Lubbock. He has received numerous honors and awards, such as Distinguished Service and Outstanding Leadership awards from the Texas/New Mexico Sugar Beet Growers and Citizen of the Year and Agricultural Man of the Year from Deaf Smith County. He has been honored by Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center with a Spur Award for his philanthropy and Distinguished University Alumni and Agricultural Alumni awards. He was active in many agricultural and agribusiness organizations, as well as many civic organizations in Hart Hereford and Lubbock. Scholarships are available for undergraduate students of high academic standing in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications.

June 09, 2014

Government Intern Scholarship

The Government Intern Scholarship was established by various donors for annual donations in 1998. Scholarships for students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources who participate in the Government Student Internship Program.

June 09, 2014

Charlie Henderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Charlie Henderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established in 1994 by family and friends in memory of Charlie Henderson. Scholarships are available for currently enrolled undergraduate students majoring in Animal Science or Agricultural Economics. Awards are based on leadership, character, scholarship and financial need.