Texas Tech University

Swine Production

Animal Science 4401

This course is designed for upper-level undergraduate students with a variable background in pork production.

The course will focus on pig biology and management of the pig's environment and genetics to maximize profits. Topics include genetics, nutrition, reproduction, housing, herd health and management practices. 3 hours of lecture per week. One laboratory per week. Some weeks the laboratory and lectures are combined. Field trips are required. This class is writing intensive (as are most senior-level production courses).

Farm Staff

Stanley Harris

Edward Carrasco

Erich Stiebing


Student Pictures

Students from Fall, 2009


Students from Fall, 2004


Students from Fall, 2003


Students from Fall, 2002


Older Materials

  • Industry profile and society issues
  • Breeds
  • Genetics
  • Growth and development, survival and pork composition (Chapters 8 and 9)
  • Reproductive biology of the pig
  • Body condition scores
  • Production schedules
  • Human Resources
  • Microenvironments for pigs
  • Creating a comfortable microenvironment
  • Waste and nutrient management
  • Waste management
  • Facilities for adult pigs
  • Sow and litter management
  • Facilities and handling of growing pigs
  • Diseases

Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology and Welfare