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The McGlone Name

2003 McGlone family reunion in SC!

The McGlone name and ancestry has a complex origin in that it came from several countries. We know that direct ancestors of McGlone's used at least the following spellings:

  • McGlone
  • McGloin
  • McGloen
  • McGloen

Two common pronunciations are found among the Irish/Scots/English/Americans:

  • Mc-Glone (Mc and then Glone that rhymes with cone)
  • Mc-Glow-in (Mc then glow-in)

Often, in Irish and American accents, Mc-Glone is how it is pronounced. In Scot and English accents, the Mc-Glow-in pronunciation is used.

Some work by McGlone's of Scotland suggested McGlone could actually have Spanish/Latin origins and was derived from Maglionne (pronounced Maglionney).

The people and families on this web page are related in that they link to the town of Ballisadare, County Sligo, Ireland. At least three generations of McGlone/McGloen/McGloin families lived in the cottage on the edge of Baiisadare.

Tracing the McGlone Name -- Starting with John J. McGlone of Texas

John J. McGlone (born 27 October, 1955; New Rochelle, New York, USA)

Siblings: Danielle, Patrick, William, Thomas, Timothy
Children: Molly & Kerry

Father John T. McGlone (born 5 June, 1923; Scotland)

Siblings: Daniel, Bea (or Cissy), Thomas

Grandfather Patrick McGloin/McGlone (born 17 Feb, 1889; Ballisadare, Ireland)

Only child from Mary Hargadon; Father re-married Mary, half-siblings: Bridget, Danial

Great Grandfather Daniel McGloin (born 7 Nov 1848; Ballisadare, Ireland)

Great Great Grandfather Daniel McGloen (born?; Married 1844)

Tracing the McGlone Name -- Starting with Willie McGlone of Scotland (now Louisiana)

Willie McGlone (born ____)

Siblings: Agnes-Marie, Derek, Iain, William (Willie)

Father William (Billy/Wullie) McGlone (born June 23, 1931)

Siblings: Molly, Robert (Robin), Kathleen (of NY), Patricia (Patsy)

Grandfather William McGlone (born _____, 1905 in Anderston Glasgow)

Siblings: Daniel, Mary, Cissy, William, John, Charlie.

Great Grandfather John McGlone (born 9 June, 1868; Ballisadare, Ireland; moved to Glasgow)

Great Great Grandfather Daniel McGloen (born?; Married 1844)

The Cottage in Ballisadare, County Sligo, Ireland

John J. McGlone

The McGlone cottage in 1932 with Daniel McGlone (left; the cottage occupant at the time) and his nephew Daniel McGlone (son of Patrick McGlone) The inset is from 1980 and it shows Daniel McGlone (left) with Timothy McGlone (grandson of Patrick).

The Cottage was listed in the 1901 Irish census as being occupied by:

Mary McGloin, Widow (she could read, but not write), Farmer, born in Co. Sligo
Bridget McGloin, daughter, 7 years old, Farmer's daughter, born Co. Sligo
Danial McGloin, son, 3 years old, Farmer's son, born Co. Sligo

Daniel McGloen Lineage

    Daniel McGloen   Mary Giblin Married 1844  
Bridgid Catherine Daniel James John Patrick Catherine John Mary John
    Kept cottage   Died young     Died young   Moved to Scotland

Daniel McGloin (the son) remained in the cottage in Ballisadare (see next panel). His brother John (or John's son John?) moved to Scotland. John Married Mary O'Neil and had a Daniel, Mary, Cissy (see photos of her with Patrick McGlone from the link below), William (born 1905), John and Charlie. William (born 1905) had 5 children including William (born 1931) and then Molly, Robin, Cathleen and Patsy. Cathleen now lives in New York. William had four children: Agnes-Marie, Derek, Iain and William (Willie).

Daniel McGloin (born 7-Nov-1848) Lineage

Daniel McGloin* Married Mary Hargadon 1879 Died, Feb 1889   Re-married Mary Scanlon Nov, 1889    
Patrick       Mary Ann (Marion) Bridget Bridget Sara Daniel
Moved to Scotland as a young child       Moved to USA (Buffalo, NY) Died     (still in cottage in the 1980s)

Daniel McGloin, after 10 years married to Mary Hargadon, had Patrick. She died about 5 days after giving birth to Patrick. Daniel re-married Mary Scanlon in Nov of 1889.

Daniel McGloin was listed as a carpenter in the record of his first wife's death. He signed his first wife's death certificate with an X. Daniel had died by the time the 1901 census was taken, but at that time, his second wife Mary (Scanlon) was shown to have Bridget, Sara and Danial (later spelled Daniel) in the house.

Patrick McGlone (born 17 Feb, 1889) Lineage

Patrick McGlone* Married 10 April, 1913 Bridget Mary Kelly (from Scotland)
Daniel Thomas Bridget (Bea or Cissy) John
Became a priest; Now deceased Lives in South Carolina Married Robert Byington in NY Married Maura Scanlon in 1953; 6 children: Danielle, John, Patrick, William, Thomas Timothy

Patrick McGlone's baptismal record in the church in Collooney lists his name as Patricus McGloin, baptized 17 Feb, 1889, the same day as he was born. It was a difficult birth. His mother died 5 days later. The baptism was witnessed by Daniel McGloin (his father) and Maria Hargadon (his mother), probably because they were wondering if the baby would survive a few days to get to the church and have a regular baptism with sponsors other than the parents (as is and was the custom). The record is reproduced below from a photograph of the church record.

Patrick emigrated to the USA in 1925. His name on his USA papers became Patrick McGlone. The family including his wife Bridget (Babe) and four children moved to New York (Brooklyn).

John Thomas McGlone (born 5 June, 1923, Broxburn, Scotland)

John T. McGlone Married 26 Sept, 1953 Maura Scanlon  
Danielle John Patrick William Thomas Timothy
Lives in California; Married to John Dorrian, 2 children, Meghan and Shane Lives in Texas; Married to Barbara Rattie, 2 children, Molly and Kerry Lives in Maryland; Married Cindy Lucariello, 4 children, Katie, Patrick, Ryan and Tara Lives in North Carolina, Married to Annie Biumi Lives in Connecticut; 4 children, Conor, Brendan, Darby and Joey Lives in Virginia, Married to Meredith Kruse, 1 child, Madeline
From left to right: Thomas, John, Danielle & Timothy, 1997, NY City. Taken when Molly McGlone played violin at Carnegie Hall as part of the National Youth Symphony.
Thomas and John in New York City, March 16, 2002 -- the day of the St. Patrick's day parade (it is never held on Sunday if St. Patrick's day is on a Sunday).

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