Texas Tech University

Anali Gharakhani

Assistant Professor

M.Arch, Woodbury School of Architecture
B.S, Urban & Regional Planning, California Polytechnic State University

Anali Gharakhani is a researcher and designer of speculative and tangible experimentation in the realm of architecture. Her work centers around analytical drawings, artifacts and spatial conditions that explore the threshold between art and architecture in an attempt to intervene the public routine through matter, space and experience. Gharakhani's installations, drawings and models have been featured in a number of exhibitions including Dwell on Design, WUHO Gallery, Wedge Gallery and the Armory Center for the Arts. Her recent work includes an ongoing research and design project titled 'Untethered' based on isometric drawings produced during the Bauhaus era. As a recipient of the Woodbury Faculty Development Grant, this project was exhibited at the Wedge Gallery in 2019.



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