Texas Tech University

Darwin Harrison, AIA

H. Deane Pearce Endowed Chair

Post-Professional Program, University of Texas at Austin Charles Moore Program in Architectural Design
B.S. Architecture, Texas Tech University

Darwin Harrison grew up and studied architecture in West Texas. His passion and appreciation for all things design-related has resulted in a career path that has taken many turns and varied pathways.

The portfolio of design work illustrates an emphasis on listening to the goals and aspirations of each client. Striving to meet the stated objectives while finding an elegant solution that surpasses expectations is the hope for each project. The work seeks a clarity of purpose and expressive yet authentic use of materials that is directly inspired by his years in West Texas. It has been said that the relentless flat horizon and the painterly beauty of the ever-changing big skies of the West Texas plains is not a place for pretense, structures must stand on their own, weathering the elements with quiet yet resolute strength. The portfolio shows projects that attempt to capture this same spirit of honesty in function and materiality. The goal is always the same - to create a design solution that is unassuming yet poetic, a structure that ultimately stands on its own illustrating the qualities possible when an intelligent, creative and meaningful approach is adopted during the design process.

The photographic endeavors illustrate his ability to find and capture unique structures, from the simple, unassuming vernacular structures of his hometown area to the works of celebrated designers.

The writing assignments allow him to pursue his interest in bringing design to a broader audience and do so in a manner that is both intelligent and accessible. The writing allows him to explore areas of interest and to study and illuminate the work of other designers.

These varied pursuits act as both evidence and fuel for an ongoing interest in design. Good design can enrich lives and make our environments fuller and more meaningful. This is always the goal.


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