Texas Tech University

Elisandra Garcia


Masters of Architecture and Urban Design, Washington University in St. Louis, 2016 with Honors
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Texas Tech University, 2012

Elisandra's thesis focused on urban violence and its effect on children, specifically North St. Louis Public Schools. It explored themes of institutionalized racism, segregation by design, architecture for children in distress and the importance of wholistic health through space making.

Elisandra Garcia is a lecturer at Texas Tech University. She is the Faculty Leader for the CoA Dialogues and the current Seville Study Abroad Coordinator. Elisandra has primarily focused on research and teaching driven apprenticeships during her time at Washington University in St. Louis.

She has also practiced for multiple firms in St. Louis, Missouri and El Paso, Texas. In 2017, she launched Elisandra Creative Studio, which focuses on a range from projects in architecture, urban design, fashion, art and activism. Founder of two non-profits based in Juárez, Mexico, Elisandra activates communities through social and creative events, by then building micro interventions in her hometown. Her research is based on the politics of war, power and trade between the US and Mexico. Her research and activism work to understand, untangle and mitigate the impact of the drug war on the children of the border town of Juárez, Mexico. She is currently working on her fourth art and fashion show, this time in benefit of the Lubbock community, as well as a bilingual and interactive children's book focused on science and kindness for children without access to proper education.

Spring 2020 Courses

3602 Seville Study Abroad Studio: Food, Architecture and Climate
4341 Media: The Geometry of Food


309 (Lubbock)