Texas Tech University

Catherine Söderberg-Esper


B. Arch, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
M. Arch, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA

Catherine Söderberg-Esper's research aims to explore digitally fabricated, sustainable, and high performing architecture, proposing the use of emerging technologies and robotics as tools for analyzing structures, scanning aerial imagery, and fabricating component building parts. Part of her research includes developing innovative sustainable materials in order to find alternative solutions to depleting natural resources. Such materials include materials made of organic matter, fibrous materials, wasted materials, recycled materials, or byproducts of other industries.


Söderberg-Esper's research offers unconventional solutions to sustainable urban systems at various scales, ranging from the microparticle makeup of a novel material to the larger-scale fabrication approach and construction implementation of architecture.

Prior to joining the College of Architecture in August 2018, she was working on architectural commercial projects near Downtown, El Paso.


El Paso, M-F 9AM-12PM