Texas Tech University

Julie Zook, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Architecture, The Georgia Institute of Technology
M. Arch, University of Minnesota
B.A. in English Literature, University of Minnesota

Dr. Julie Zook's research is mainly focused on developing typological and morphological models aimed at gaining insights on society and architectural space. In the College of Architecture, Julie teaches on analytical methods in architecture and on typological approaches to health care design. A member of the board of the TTU Humanities Center, Julie is currently working with Jacob Baum (TTU History) to inaugurate a minor in humanities, design, and health that is aimed at integrating a more comprehensive understanding of the human condition into architectural and urban approaches to health.

Julie is an active researcher in spatial morphology. Together with Kerstin Sailer (University College London), she is editing a book on design, experience, and consequence in hospital space. A work of applied research, the book intersperses chapters of space syntax research on hospitals with response essays from design professionals. It will be published open access with UCL Press. Julie's dissertation developed a perceptual approach to urban typology based on the analysis of film. She is currently extending this and other novel methods of analysis into health care research and design.

Outside the university, Julie is a trustee and the research chair for the Foundation for Health Environments Research, a grant-making organization that supports research on health care environments. She also works with architectural firms to integrate hospital outcomes data into their design approaches through her consultancy, Spatial Form.


605C (Lubbock), T/TH 10AM-12PM

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