Texas Tech University

Neal Lucas Hitch


Neal Lucas Hitch is a designer, builder, and educator with a focus on design-build technology. He has practiced architecture internationally in cities including Chicago, California, Tokyo, and Budapest. He holds a Master of Architecture from Judson University and has studied at the Architectural Association in London. Hitch is the co-founder of the design collaborative, i/thee, an experimental firm that seeks to celebrate the co-sentience of everything in the environment—living and non-living, past and present.


With i/thee, Hitch has led the designing and building of numerous full-scale architectural installations for institutions including, Hello Wood, Space Saloon, the Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Judson University, and more. Of these experimental structures include the Kerplunk House: a transposable, low impact dwelling for arid climates; the Cathedral: a multipurpose wooden structure to hold community events, and the Ghost House: an experiment in material manipulation that harnesses natural weather patterns to create form/program. All of Hitch's designs and research focus on the intersection of human-made constructs with natural environments and seek to encourage reciprocity between seemingly opposing forces.