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School of Art Pre-College Immersion Program

Summer Immersion


The Pre-College Immersion Program is offered over the Summer.

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This program provides an immersive college art experience for high school students, where they receive one-on-one training from TTU faculty in an atmosphere of university instruction. Students can choose one of two experiences: either a general art immersion program or a more focused AP portfolio experience. Within the general art experience, students have opportunities to use and develop work in many different mediums. They are given demonstrations and projects that challenge their ability and open them up to new ways of art-making in different mediums. The AP Portfolio experience is a more focused art experience in which the students are given time, instruction, and materials to develop their AP portfolios. These students are also given opportunities to work in many different mediums, are given studio time and are mentored by instructors about the works they want to make for their portfolio. 

General art experience students in the program are automatically signed up for all studio workshops. All of these students must attend the first workshop in each studio area. As the week progresses, if one of the studio areas interests a student more, or if they want to continue working on a project in one area, the student may choose to switch the regularly scheduled workshop to the alternative open studio hours.

AP portfolio students are encouraged to attend the first workshop for each studio area. Thereafter, they can tailor their schedule according to the needs of their portfolio. Open studio hours rotate between the 2D and 3D areas. Instructors from these areas oversee the open studio hours to teach and mentor the AP students. 

The TTU Pre-College Art Immersion Program is an overnight camp with accommodations in a campus dormitory; however, students also have the option of participating as day campers.

Pre-College Immersion Program!

Session dates for Summer 2022:

  • Date TBA

For more information, please contact SOA.recruiter@ttu.edu.