Texas Tech University

Summer Session

2018 Graduate Studies Summer Courses

(Please note that this schedule is under development; check back often for updates.)

1SU - First Summer Session (4 weeks)
June 5th – July 7th : Online first week and face-to-face 3 weeks

ART 5320 Graduate Drawing:
Drawing in Time, Storyboarding, Movement, and Animation

David Lindsay, Associate Director and Associate Professor Art Foundations and Drawing

This course will focus on developing an understanding of drawing as it relates to kinetic modes of expression: storyboarding, animation, and movement. There is no need to come with previous knowledge of computer programs or digital animation methods.

ART 5334 Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing for the MAE and MFA Artist Teacher
Robly Glover, Professor of Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing

The MAE and MFA student will be instructed on basic and advanced jewelry design and metalsmithing techniques in a practical real world experience for personal and classroom use. Classroom and studio setup will be covered from the simplest to the most advanced studio. These skills can be shared with students and facilitate studio artists.

ART 5360 Seminar in Visual Studies (Online): 
"Threads of Kindness/ Crafts and Community"

Future Akins, Associate Professor of Visual Studies/Art Education

This class will examine the various ways crafts, especially textiles such as quilting, embroidery, basketry and knitting, help in building communities both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition, we will explore how these processes align with silence and contemplation allowing for extended observations of kindness.

ART 5330 Ceramics
Instructor: TBA

Students will get to explore the interaction between clay, slip, glaze, and kiln firings. We will have the opportunity to utilize the processes of wheel-thrown and hand-built forms. An emphasis on personal creative experimentation will be a focus in the class.

ART 6002 Capstone 

INT - Intersession (3 weeks)
May 16th – May 31st

2SU - Second Summer Session (4 weeks)
July 10th – August 10th : Face-to-face 3 weeks and final week online

ART 4322/5322 Painting: Art @ Work
Co-taught by Carol Flueckiger and Ghi Fremaux

Dual focus on studio practice and professional development. Students will be challenged to develop their studio work along with a mock-up residency proposal. We will use the summer 2018 Inspired: Art at Work project as a case study on how artists are able to focus their studio practice to a range of partner organizations. Methods of working will be independent studio time along with think tank workshops, critiques, writing and web-based residency research. One week field study to Elsewhere Studios, Paonia, CO, to visit with the artists in residence for Inspired: Art @ Work residency.

ART 5304/ARTH 7000: Ecotone: A Politics of the Edge
Co-taught by Robin Germany and Dr. Kevin Chua

This hybrid studio and art history graduate seminar involves thinking about the border, in both its socio-political and environmental/ecological senses. The structure of the course will be as follows: 2 weeks in Lubbock, 1 week in Marfa, 1 week in Lubbock. (For the week in Marfa, we will focus more on using the social and ecological landscape of Marfa to think about and make photographs.) We will find ways for students who don't know the rudiments of photography, to pick it up while in Lubbock. The final project will consist of both a research paper and photographic work.

MAE Coordinator: Andrés Peralta, Ph.D.
MFA & Site Coordinator: Robin Germany