Texas Tech University

Summer at the School of Art

Student using colored pencils to draw oranges in a blue bowl

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Non-Major Undergraduate only: No prerequisites

Art as a Way of Life

ART 1309 Global Art & Visual Culture
Take a journey into the world's most fascinating artistic and architectural developments. Learn about a wide variety of Western and non-Western artists, periods, and styles. Examine the greatest achievements of distant and present civilizations through the lens of their arts and crafts. This course will enable you to understand visual art—one of humanity's most creative forms of expression—and to recognize how artworks reflect wider cultural phenomena.

Non-Major and Major Undergraduate: No prerequisites for non-majors

Drawing within Reach

ART 1303 Drawing I
Drawing is power! Drawing helps you to see and understand the world around you. This course will help you to interpret the world and put it back down on paper.

ART 2304 Drawing II
Drawing at the next level. This course builds upon the skills learned in ART 1303 to refine and advance your abilities.

Photography for All of Us

ART 3325 Beginning Photographic Arts, Summer 1
An introduction to photography for anyone who is interested in making photographs. Covers camera technique, including iPhone and DSLR shooting, lighting, editing, and conceptual development.