Texas Tech University

Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art with a field of specialization in Studio Art focuses on the development of students' personal artistic expression and technical skills in both traditional and experimental art techniques. In addition, students who have chosen to involve themselves in the pursuit of a BFA in Art with a field of specialization in Studio Art will gain an understanding of and appreciation for their artistic heritage while developing their awareness of the work of contemporary visual artists. University Core Curriculum requirements ensure that the graduates are instructed in a well-rounded course of academic study. This degree prepares students for careers in the studio arts as well as graduate study, specifically a Master of Fine Arts program.

Requirements for BFA in Studio Art

Students must complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours, including the Art Foundations coursework, a 21-hour distribution of Studio Art disciplines, a 21-hour emphasis, 15 hours of Studio Art and Art History electives, a Senior Seminar, and the University Core Curriculum requirements for a BFA in the College of Visual & Performing Arts.

The Senior Seminar serves as a capstone course which prepares students to compete in the professional art world as well as acquainting them with the requirements and procedures for the application and admission process for graduate study. Additionally, all students in the BFA in Art with a field of specialization in Studio Art are required to participate in a group exhibition during the Spring semester of their final year.

Requirements for a Studio Art Minor

Students working toward a minor in Studio Art must complete a minimum of 18hours of coursework in the School of Art. A 2-D studio art minor consists of ART 1302, 1303, 2304, and 9 hours in either drawing, painting, or printmaking. A 3-D Studio Art minor consists of ART 1303, 2303, 2304, and 9 hours in either ceramics, jewelry design and metalsmithing, or sculpture. For both the 2-D and 3-D studio art minors the remaining 9 hours will be determined by the School of Art academic advisor. Nine of the 18 required hours must be taken at the junior or senior level in residency.

Fine Arts Photography minor students working toward a minor in photography must complete a minimum of 21 hours. The following courses are to be taken in sequence: ART 1302, 1303, 3325, 3326 (two different sections), 4325 (may be repeated); ART 1309. All advanced hours must be taken in residence.

Art Minor Requirements Form