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The Ceramics Area focuses on the development of a student's personal artistic expression and the development of a solid foundation of technical and intellectual skills, including traditional and experimental techniques. In addition, students who have chosen the pursuit of a BFA degree will gain an understanding and appreciation of their artistic development through a stimulating and challenging environment within a world-class facility. The Ceramics program has a thriving visiting artist program that intensifies the directive of the program. Guest artists who deliver lectures and/or conduct workshops and critiques enhance the instruction of the program. Faculty strongly encourages students to pursue a personal artistic direction both conceptually and technically. Students are encouraged to integrate concepts and experiences from their work in other mediums and disciplines into their explorations in clay. A comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the development of skills and techniques is necessary for successful work in clay. Individual and group critiques are an important part of the degree and are conducted within the classes that students are enrolled. All majors are required to take a senior capstone course in professional practices, which prepares the student to compete in the professional art world, or to continue their research via residencies or graduate school.

The BFA in Art is a 120 hour professional Studio Art degree. An emphasis in Ceramics requires 82 semester hours of Art and Art History, and a minimum of 38 semester hours outside the School of Art. Upon completion of the Art Foundations Program courses, students select an area of emphasis. Students must submit an application and portfolio for faculty review, and be interviewed by the faculty to be fully accepted into the BFA in Studio Art Program with an emphasis in Ceramics.

The general degree requirements ensure that the art student is also instructed in a well-rounded program of academic study. The School of Art is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

4-Year plan for the BFA in Art - Studio Art

Degree checklist for an emphasis in Ceramics


Juan Granados (MFA)

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Ceramic Studio Guide & Safety Plan