Texas Tech University

Undergrad drawing class

Drawing Minor 

Today's drawing is considered in a broader spectrum of art practices and also respected in its own right, rather than as a traditionally-perceived preparation for other mediums. In the study of art, a student's learning experience will be enriched when the student becomes proficient in drawing. The Texas Tech School of Art has a very strong drawing program that cultivates this mindset. All undergraduate students start with a foundation of studio drawing courses, in which they learn how to better observe and interpret the world around them. Students from all over campus come to these classes to learn how to draw, and how to explore drawing to express personal interests. Drawing ability and concepts can be applied to various areas, such as numerous design disciplines, illustration, animation, advertising, art history, architecture, engineering, science, medicine, and psychology, in addition to fine art studio. 

Students who want to pursue a minor in drawing are required to take the following courses: 

ART 1302 2D Design
ART 1303 Drawing 1
ART 2304 Drawing 2
ART 3323 Drawing 3: Life Drawing
ART 3324 Drawing 4: Illustration Topics
Repear ART 3324 or one of the following: ART 2319 or ART 3308

Admission to the Drawing Minor
Students wishing to declare a minor in Drawing, please contact Academic Advisor, Bulmaro Cruz for instructions. 


Shannon Cannings, Drawing Coordinator
Carol Flueckiger
Ghi Fremaux
Devin Ratheal
Sangmi Yoo