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Student painting a large canvas with tones of blue

Our program recognizes painting as an expanded material and conceptual field. Painting is not bound to a single dimension, form, or style – nor even to paint itself. Images (both still and moving), objects, and actions are produced through painting. They take place on canvas and paper, in real time and space, and on screens. In painting, we hold up mirrors to the world, and we build worlds.

At the School of Art, students attain skill in observational study and critical thinking in Foundations (introductory courses in drawing, design, and art history). The Painting curriculum extends this work in its introductory courses, as students become fluent in both water- and oil-based painting. Such technical dexterity and versatility enable students to articulate themselves, and to develop a 'voice' in painting that both serves and gives rise to conceptual rigor. Through intermediate and advanced levels of study, students deepen and diversify their approach to medium, process, style, and content, and are increasingly challenged along both technical and conceptual lines. Their study culminates in the generation of a mature body of work and, through mentorship and professional practices coursework, they graduate prepared to enter – and reinvent – the expanded material and conceptual field of painting.

Course offerings in Painting

ART 3320 – Beginning Painting: Oil
ART 3321 – Beginning Painting: Water Media
ART 3322 – Intermediate Painting
ART 4321 – Advanced Painting

Additional courses taken by students pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in Painting:
ART 4327 – Combined 2D Area Senior Studio
ART 4390 – Advanced Transmedia: Digital Painting

4-year plan for the BFA in Studio Art
Degree checklist for an emphasis in Painting


Andrew W. Martin (MFA)
Carol Flueckiger (MFA)
Ghislaine Fremaux (MFA)
Boryana Rusenova Ina (MFA)

Student Work

Painting by Emily Ford, ART 3321. Watercolor on cold-press paper, 8.5 inches by 11 inches Painting by Halley Cooley, ART 3322. Oil, 24 inches by 24 inches Painting by Gabrielle Walter, ART 3323. Pastel on paper. Monochromatic Still Life, by Tori Stewart, ART 3320. Oil on paper, 11 inches x 15 inches Painting by Allie Aguirre, ART 4321. Oil on canvas, 48 inches by 36 inches  Knitted yarn fragment installation by Katrina Steed, ART 4321.  Painting by Patrick Kamau, ART 4321. Acrylic on canvas, 30 inches by 30 inches. Painting by Sebastian Gomez, ART 4321. Acrylic on board  Painting by Thomas St. Clair, ART 4321. Acrylic on panel, 20 inches by 20 inches Painting by Zoe Fuqua, ART 4321. Acrylic on panel

Studio Guides and Safety Plans

Painting Studio Guide & Safety Plan
Water Media Painting Studio Guide & Safety Plan
Drawing Studio Guide & Safety Plan