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Our emphasis in fine art photography is grounded in photography, art, and research as a form of creative problem solving. We value exploration that is disciplined but open-ended, and we encourage both individual focus and group interactions and communication. We encourage our students to be innovative and experimental with media and technique. Our undergraduate alumni work for photography studios or commercial labs, open their own businesses, or create new careers for themselves in developing fields. Others go on to graduate school to earn an MFA in art photography in order to pursue their careers as artists, teach at colleges or universities, or work as freelance photographers. Our MFA alumni exhibit their work nationally, receive competitive grants, awards and fellowships, teach at the college level, or work as curators, directors or fundraisers for galleries and fine art centers.

Photography emphasis students will take art history classes and a variety of courses in photographic techniques and perspectives relevant to the appreciation and production of photography as a fine art. Studio practice includes analog and digital shooting, printing and video. Advanced classes focus on specific topics that include lighting studio, artists' books and multiples, portfolio development, experimental tools and processes, video and documentary.

Interested advanced students are invited to apply for a one-semester internship with a photography studio or a photographic artist. Internships require prior approval from the photography faculty and may be taken for credit during the summer or the regular semester. One outstanding senior photography major is selected each year to have a shared studio along with the outstanding seniors in other 2d disciplines, visual studies and graphic design. All this leads to the production of a personal portfolio and participation in a group exhibition during the final semester. BFA seniors are encouraged to seek out a solo or group exhibition in the community in their final semester.

The SRO Photo Gallery, in the Photo Area of the Art building, provides the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the selection of solo exhibitions by photographers who have submitted works from throughout the country. Visiting photographic artists provide outside stimulus through lectures, workshops and individual critiques of student work. Motivated students will find exhibition possibilities within the art building, at the Satellite gallery at CASP in downtown Lubbock and other local venues.

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4-year plan for the BFA in Studio Art

Degree checklist for an emphasis in Photography


In order to be fully successful in our photography program, we require that each student who is a major or minor purchase or have unlimited access to an Apple laptop after completing beginning Photography (Art 3325). The Laptop needs to have the most current operating system with at least 8 gb of memory, and the newest version of Adobe Creative Suite. Students will also need a 1 TB portable hard drive for backing up and saving their files.


Robin D. Germany (MFA)

Aaron Hegert (MFA)


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Photography Studio Guide & Safety Plan
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