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Grad Assistants

Graduate Assistantships

An important part of the graduate experience is the assistantship. The teaching assistantship is the School of Art's way of helping the graduate student in the pursuit of advanced education and in meaningful entry into the professional world. There are many important skills developed and acquired through the assistantships. All assistantships are assigned according to the needs of the department and cannot be guaranteed. The School of Art graduate assistantships are decided each semester according to the School's available resources and the student's performance in academics and assistantships. To be considered for an assistantship, students must complete the College Work Study application form annually. Below are examples of assistantship positions available at the School of Art.

Art Appreciation: Teaching Assistants may present lectures, grade, assist, and manage online discussion for Art Appreciation. This experience in working with large class sections can be very valuable. Many academic positions are looking for people that can teach in multiple areas or have an understanding of these service areas.

Transmedia Lab: Teaching Assistants help in monitoring the labs. They assist classes/students in using the lab. This position can provide experience in maintaining, organizing and planning for a service area related to the operation of an art facility.

Studio Foundations: Graduate Part-time Instructor positions take full responsibility for their course and Teaching Assistants learn skills to prepare them to teach in the art foundations area. Studio Foundations courses include Drawing I, 2D Design, Drawing II, 3D Design, Life Drawing and Technology in the Arts.

Teaching in Other Studio Areas: Teaching Assistants may assist in teaching and Graduate Part-time Instructors teach within their own studio areas.

Landmark Arts Graduate Assistants - various positions. Coordinators/Assistant Coordinators of the SOA Satellite Gallery at CASP and SRO Photo Gallery serve meaningful roles in educational arts outreach into the community. Those graduate students who work as preparators for exhibitions in the Landmark Gallery and Studio Gallery gain valuable experience in art handling and installation practices.

Visual Resource Center, Teaching Assistant: Graduate students work with students to teach them how to use the resource center effectively.

Wood Shop, Teaching Assistants: Graduate students monitor the wood shop and teach students how to use the wood shop safely.

Charles Adams Studio Project Assistant: Various positions at CASP afford School of Art  graduate students opportunities to work with a local non-profit arts organization, developing and honing skills as needed by CASP and as offered by the student. These may include grant writing, teaching, or studio monitoring.

MFA Student Coordinator: This position allows the graduate assistant an opportunity to work with the MFA Faculty Graduate Coordinator in overseeing and administering the program. It is a unique assistantship position that provides administrative experience to a graduate student.

If you are a current graduate student in the School of Art and would like to be considered for any one of these positions, please submit a brief statement of your interest and qualifications for the position and résumé to your graduate coordinator.

Graduate Faculty Coordinators:
MFA Studio Art: Professor Stacy Elko
MA Art History: Dr. Kevin Chua
Interdisciplinary Fine Arts PhD in Art: Dr. Francisco Ortega
Master of Art Education: Dr. Andrés Peralta