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MFA: Drawing

Secondary Concentration

Grad drawing exhibit

Drawing is available as a possible secondary studio concentration (minimum of 12 credit hours) for any MFA student.

Our program propels graduate student research to new heights. We value critical thinking and experimentation among our MFA students, and provide academic mentorship and resources to augment their practice. Reading and research in art history and critical theory further stimulate this development. 

Often, many MFA students are engaged in teaching Drawing courses in Art Foundations to extend their expertise in teaching undergraduate students. The School of Art's Landmark Arts Galleries, as well as Lubbock's vibrant arts district and community, provide abundant opportunities for group shows and collaborative partnerships.

Students are encouraged to develop interdisciplinary collaboration, community outreach, divergent thinking, technology, and experimentation through Drawing studio. In order to facilitate these, students have access to campus-wide resources, as well as the School of Art's visual resource center, woodshop, laser cutters, 3D printers, and computer lab.

For students with questions about a secondary concentration or elective courses in Drawing, please contact Professor Sangmi Yoo for instructions.


Carol Flueckiger
Ghi Fremaux
Sangmi Yoo

Graduate Student Work (coming soon)

Drawing Studio Guide & Safety Plan