Texas Tech University

Printmaking lab with students in action

MFA: Printmaking Facilities

Two large, well-stocked lab areas support the creative research of the Texas Tech University printmaking student. Students are encouraged to research traditional, digital, and hybrid cross-disciplinary printmaking practices.


Brand Lithography Press - 30.5x50
Takach Slide Action Lithography Press - 57x33.5
Fuchs & Lange Lithography Press - 25.5x40
Brand Etching/Relief Press - 53x32
Takach Etching/Relief Press - 64x33.5
Conrad Roller Action Etching/Relief Press - 15x31

Hot Plate, ETL Listed - 24x36
Spray Booth (chemical booth) - interior 45x42x25, Kewaunee
Stationary Paper Cutters - 30x20, Ideal / 39x30, Premier
Chemical Parts Washer - 28x16 sink

Lithograph Stones (18 total) - 25.5x19, 10x16.25, 18x14, 8x10, 12x9.5, 9x11.75, 12x11.5, 14x10, 16x20, 12x16, 20x10.5, 14x10 (x3), 36x30 (x2), 22x28, 18x24 
Grinding Sink - 38x74
Litho Stone Lift - 24x24 bed, Economy Engineering
4-Color T-Shirt Screenprinter with 21.25x17.75 bed
Vertical Etching Tanks (Ferric Chloride) - 36x42x6 (x2), 25x21 (x3), 10x14

Print Drying Racks (3 total) - 42x55
Dry Mount Press - 11x16
Exposure Unit - 33x40, Atlas Screenprinting Supplies
Exposure Unit - 52x80, Sharpline
Hollander Beater - 41x22, David Reina Designs, Inc.
Papermaking Molds - 18x24 (x4), 8x10 (x10), 11x14 (x5), various small and large pulp spraying screens

Drying Fan Box - 48x32.5x32
20-Ton Press - bed 23x21, Pro-Lift
Papermaking Vacuum Table - 72x48
Screen Washout Booth - 72x60x30, Rhinotech
Power Washer - 1700 PSI, 1.2gpm, Ryobi