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The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in art with an emphasis in printmaking is a 3-year program and has a 40 year history of producing top MFA professionals in this field. Alumni of this graduate program are located in art faculty and art administration positions throughout the country. The School of Art is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The program is structured to give the student the ability to explore the various aspects of printmaking and its link with contemporary technology. In addition to a major area of study, which is 21 credits, the student is required to complete 12 credit hours in a minor area of study. Each student receives a studio space and 24 hour access to the facility.

Individual and group critiques are an important part of the program and reviews of student work are conducted by the printmaking faculty intermittently during the semester. A review of current work is conducted by School of Art faculty at the end of each semester. To complete the requirements for the MFA degree the student is required to write a report, pass an oral review, and have a public exhibition of thesis work. The faculty member's role is to provide the guidance, expertise, and judgment needed in helping students achieve their artistic goals and to realize their full potential as artists.

MFA students are also encouraged to join the Tech Print Club, which is professional/social club that raises money to assist funding for visiting artists and attendance of the students at the Southern Graphics Council Conference each year. . Students can attend the SGC conference where they meet and network with other faculty and students. At the conference, the students are also required to participate in the open portfolio session to receive critical commentary from faculty and printmakers around the world. Visiting artists are scheduled each semester to deliver lectures and/or conduct workshops and provide student critiques to supplement the instruction of the program. Individual and group critiques are an important part of the course. In the past artists have included Drive by Press, Buzz Spector, Ed Bernstein and Michael Miller.

The Printmaking area also host the national juried exhibition, Beyond Printmaking which brings in recognized jurors to curate an exhibition of works that explore, expand, stretch and break the notions of printmaking. Past jurors have been Anita Jung and Holly Morrison.


Stacy Elko (MFA)
Terry Morrow (MFA)
Sang-Mi Yoo (MFA)

Graduate Students

Liv Johnson:: Third Year

Monica Prado:: Second Year

Kristine Johnson:: Second Year

Stephanie Berrie:: Second Year

Brianna Barry:: First Year


MFA Experimental Time-based Work


Tech Print Club
Visiting Artist
Printmaking Studio Guide & Safety Plan