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ART 4099 | Figure Drawing from the Italian Masters | David Lindsay

Course Description:
The primary purpose of this class is to enable students to gain knowledge and skill in the application of conventional drawing strategies common to figure drawing. To obtain this objective, we will be studying from those masters of figurative art, painting and sculpture in Italy. We will be drawing from some of the greatest art in the museums and public squares of Rome. The course will serve to enrich students that have already gained knowledge of figure drawing and the course may also be used for an introduction to figure drawing. This course may be used to replace one of the figure drawing classes (Art 3323, 3324) by portfolio at the completion of the course.

ARTH 3320 | Art & Architecture of Medieval Rome | Dr. Janis Elliott

Course Description:
This course will study the art and architecture of medieval period (4th - 14th C) within a broad socio-politico-cultural context. We will begin our study with the Constantinian basilica of Saint Peter's. We will visit the Roman catacombs, medieval walls and houses, and end our course with late medieval frescoes, mosaics, and altarpieces in Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Santa Maria in Trastevere, and Santa Maria Maggiore. We will have the opportunity to explore the role of the cult of saints and relics in Rome, the relationship of the arts to politics and to religious and devotional practice, and we will retrace a medieval pilgrimage route in Rome.

REQUIRED READING: The readings will consist of scholarly articles and book chapters representing the most up-to-date scholarship on medieval Rome. Readings in PDF will be sent out in June for advance reading prior to departure for Rome. Wouldn't you rather read at home before departure so as to have more time in Italy for sight-seeing?

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David Lindsay, Associate Professor in Art Foundations
Janis Elliott, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art History