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Hosted by Art Foundations Program, SOA

BFA BA Portfolio and Advising

*For first-year Arts Foundation Students only*

April 15, 2022

Material Submission Due April 8, 2022 

You will declare your area of specialization in the Spring after BFA BA Portfolio and Advising.

BFA/BA Portfolio and Advising is an event that the School of Art holds every Spring for our first-year and transfer students.

Traditionally, we hang a big show in the hallways of the School of Art, and Faculty from all areas meet with students to talk about their work and advise them on their area of specialization.

This year, we're going to be doing things a little different. Our BFA/BA Portfolio and Advising event will be virtual. We're asking students to make a short video (2 minutes and under) that showcases your thinking and making in the first-year program. You can link your video submission at the bottom of this page.   

We will be holding a large live zoom event to screen all the submitted videos and celebrate the completion of your first year at Texas Tech.

There are a lot of different approaches to making your video. Be creative and have fun! You don't need any fancy equipment, smart phone videos are acceptable! 

While you are working on your portfolio submission, please consider applying for Continuing Undergraduate Art Majors Scholarships.  

Upload your video to YouTube with the following naming conventions: firstname_lastname_BFAPortfolio_TexasTech
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For more information, contact Assistant Professor Travis Neel at travis.neel@ttu.edu