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34th Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition

34th Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition

McCoy MFA Show

Rick McCoy: Manufactured Scapes
SOA Satellite Gallery at CASP

In his MFA Thesis Exhibition Rick McCoy presents work that critiques the West's lack of value on materiality. His aim is to explore and transform how American culture thinks, makes, and values manmade materials. Western values tend to see ideas, concepts, and most everything as mere objects to be used and discarded. Consequently, the decisions we have been making on a daily basis have turned us into a throw-away culture whose values need to be reassessed and transformed. All the works of art in this show will be made from styrofoam. His aim is to create a dreamlike installation that gives densified styrofoam the agency it deserves. Rick McCoy is originally from Kansas, where at the University of Kansas he started his career in arts. In the fall of 2009 McCoy transferred colleges and began his sculpture career at The University of North Texas. Where he later earned a BFA in Sculpture in 2012.

All Texas HS Show


Face coverings will continue to be required in the Art Building.

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Face coverings continue to be required in the Art Building

Devin Ratheal: Thrownness
MFA Thesis Exhibition
May 3-15, 2021
Art Building Studio Gallery

Devin Ratheal MFA Show

Ratheal presents a group of recent paintings (traditional and digital) for his MFA Thesis Exhibition. According to Ratheal, "These paintings wrestle with perceptions and levels of meaning that are embedded in myself, in the world I was thrown into, that were not acknowledged or expressed consciously by people in my life." Ratheal is a Lubbock native who attended New York University briefly after graduating from Lubbock High in 2002. He spent the next three years studying acting and working in New York City.  He then returned to Lubbock and began to investigate different religious and spiritual traditions. His profound interest in esoterica led him to Hawaii where he lived and studied for a few years. Ratheal then returned to Lubbock and attained a BFA in Studio Art (painting) with a minor in philosophy in 2018.

Lauren Owen: Dissolving Nature
April 26 - May 16, 2021
Art Building Folio Gallery

Lauren Owen

Landmark Arts exhibitions and speaker programs in the Texas Tech University School of Art are made possible in part with a generous grant from the Helen Jones Foundation of Lubbock.