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Melanie Clemmons: Boreal Crush Pack
SRO Photo Gallery
September 29 – October 30, 2022

Melanie Clemmons

Melanie Clemmons is a new media artist interested in reimagining our use of digital technology toward a softer, calmer, and more careful future. She makes asset packs, videos, net art, installations, 3D printed sculpture, & extended reality experiences and performances. She explores issues of algorithmic justice and internet culture, the intersection of art, technology, and spirit. She is particularly fascinated by the melding and shifting of physical, digital, and virtual experiences and existences. 

Melanie Clemmons
Asset packs, a collection of digital files often organized around a theme, have risen in popularity in video games, social media, and the looming Metaverse. These 'bundles' or 'packs' contain 3D models, images, and programming and scripting tools, among other file types. This distinctive process results in warped, contorted, crushed, and whorled 3D models, existing as symbols of blended digital and physical realities rather than perfect digital recreations of physical objects. The texture maps are digital layers applied to the geometry of a 3D model to depict material and texture. By printing these textures on fabric, Melanie Clemmons cloaks the digitally captured physical imagery within a new physical environment. Clemmons sampled the texture maps of 3D models during her month-long residency with the Gilfélagið Society in Akureyri, Northern Iceland to create the imagery of the prints in BOREAL CRUSH PACK.  
In addition to national and international gallery and museum work, Clemmons toured with Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist art and performance group, doing visuals during their first North American tour and has collaborated on several of their music videos. She is an assistant professor of Digital/Hybrid Media at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Her work has been shown at, among others: HeK (House of Electronic Arts), Basel, Switzerland; Dieglan Gallery, Akureyri, Iceland; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Light Year, Brooklyn; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; LRLX, San Francisco; Aggregate Space Gallery, Oakland; UPFOR Digital, Portland; Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago; Denver Digerati; Women and Their Work; Austin; Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas; and many other DIY spaces and venues.  

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