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SRO Photo Gallery

Amy Elkins: Parting Words
Art Building SRO Photo Gallery
February 8 - April 30, 2021

Amy Elkins Parting Words

A selection of 216 images from Amy Elkins' ongoing photographic project titled PartingWords (2009 to Present) is currently on view in School of Art's SRO Photo Gallery.

Parting Words is a visual archive created out of mug shots and testimony readily available through public record of the 556 inmates executed in Texas since 1976, the year the ban on capital punishment was overturned. Using an algorithm, Elkins converts each mug shot into looping excerpts from last utterances ranging from confessions to hymns, sorrows to fears.

Amy Elkins Parting Words

Parting Words is a work in progress, growing in size with the growing numbers of those executed in Texas, a state responsible for over 37% of all executions in the United States, which is more than the totals of Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri, Georgia and Alabama combined.

Amy Elkins Parting Words

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