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2023-2024 Call for Submissions

Ahmed Ozsever: Wind River
SRO Photo Gallery
February 15 - April 2, 2023

Ahmed Ozsever's work is about land, human intervention upon it, and how the intersection of land and the human made can shape our conceptions of both the past and present. Time can only be perceived indirectly, we cannot see it, smell, hear it or feel it. I find the symptomatic evidence of the passage of time in land, infrastructure, and domestic spaces. These spaces bind together the incomprehensible deep time (or geologic time), to that of capital, and the cycles of consumption, and occupancy that comprise and punctuate our day-to-day existence. 

Ahmed Ozsever
Wind River is a collection of traces of human intervention upon, and interaction with land. The series features photographs of every remnant of the controlled burns that were part of a restoration initiative along the Wind River in Colorado. The circular scars allude to clocks and sundials cradled within old growth forest. The images were taken from comparable vantage points throughout the adjacent hiking trail. Therefore, the relative terrain and distance from the trail underscore the composition of the images. They simultaneously index of the deep timeline of the natural landscape, and more immediate timelines of human exploration, and intentional renewal.The photographs have been printed as duotone images and progress from extremely low contrast to high contrast.

Ahmed Ozsever

Ahmed Ozsever is an Assistant Professor of Creative Core at the Eskenazi School of Art Architecture and Design at Indiana University.  

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