33rd Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition

Juror: Jon Revett, Associate Professor of Art, West Texas A&M University, Canyon
School of Art Studio Gallery
March 7-April 12, 2020.

33rd Annual Juried Show

Juror's Statement:

Well, no bananas duct taped to the wall.

No matter one's opinion on Cattelan's controversial piece in Miami, the viral sensation surrounding it was undeniable. It was strange to hear everyone, non-art people included, talking about it last December, and this phenomenon alludes to the criteria for my selections. While the "post-skills" aesthetic is quite popular these days, I did find it reassuring to see refined craft in works submitted for this show. Many pieces were well-made and that made it challenging for me to select works from a traditional standpoint. Thus, I did something different.

I love paint. I love the language of paint, and while a lot of paint is being pushed around quite effectively at Tech, I had to find works that interested me, if they were paintings or not. The chosen works had to have a unique voice. They had to say something I had not heard before, even if I didn't necessarily like they what they were saying. As artists, it is our job to come up with new ways to see and think, so pieces that intrigued me made the cut. I found a rich vein of the unusual, the surreal and even the humorous, and these themes are the threads that tied these works together.

You may love my choices. You may hate my choices, but I hope at least you talk about them. Just like that damn banana.

Jonathan Revett, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing
West Texas A&M University
Canyon, TX

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