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Amos P. Kennedy, Jr.: Mapping Justice

Continuing in the Art Building Folio Gallery

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. is best known for social and political commentary, through letterpress printed posters typically printed on chipboard. "All Artists Are Political" reads one of his letterpress posters, quoting Si Kahn. In this exhibition a selection of Kennedy's political posters printed directly on old state road maps is presented.

Using large sans-serif woodblock letters to letterpress directly on maps of Alabama, Wisconsin, and the like, Kennedy selects quotes by social justice activists including Frederick Douglass, Robert La Follette, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Some posters display multiple layers of text. On one Alabama map black ink text memorializing Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was beaten and shot to death in Marion, Alabama in 1963 working for voter rights, is printed over a layer of large text reading "Murder in Alabama" printed in red ink.

Jimmie Lee Jackson died...

Kennedy will give a public lecture about his work on Friday, October 23rd via Zoom webinar from noon – 1 pm. Interested persons can attend the presentation by registering at this location to receive the Zoom link.

An AT&T systems analyst until the age of 40, Kennedy switched careers after being inspired by an 18th-century print shop and book bindery demonstration at a Chicago museum. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studied under legendary book designer Walter Hamady, and earned an MFA in 1997. He later taught graphic design at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University. In 2015, Kennedy was honored as a United States Artists Glasgow Fellow in Crafts. Kennedy has been featured in the 2008 documentary Proceed and Be Bold! by Laura Zinger.

Kennedy is presented at TTU School of Art in collaboration with CASPFEST at Charles Adams Studio Project. Kennedy juried CASPFEST: National Juried Art Exhibition on view at CASP's 5&J Gallery through November 20th.

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