34th Juried Art Student Exhibition

Juror: Patrick Schneider, Art Instructor, Western Texas College, Snyder
Virtual show beginning May 7, 2021.

34th Annual Juried Art Show

Juror's Statement:

Countless times this past year we have been met by the self-help moniker, ‘How to cope in the Pandemic', refreshingly, we are in the right place, where art not only jacks us into the humanity of the now, but that of the past and hopefully the future. This is the ultimate function of art, to connect us into the flux of humanity. Art's window is not that of a Zoom conference call but one that engages full-heartedly and with an intimacy that is felt rather than dressed up within a 3x3” digital square with dress shirt pressed and stained underwear coyly out of camera's view. 

With so much current fodder fresh for injecting into art, with the state of politics, the pandemic, racial and gender reckonings, I was surprised to find little of these caches of powder kegs with the wicks singed. Yet, this does not mean that the works here are not synthesizing these ideas, just that they are doing so more indirectly.  Quite possibly this is a sign of the answer of how to cope, which is to look at the core human aspects of love, wonder, hate, perplexity, joy and fear among others, which is oozing out of the student's work here.  The details and circumstance always change, but at the core it has always been the same issues dressed in the nuance of the time.

It has been a joy to judge this fine body of student works. There is an immense pleasure that I get experiencing work that is freshly fleshing out meaning, intent and the communicative powers of art. There is a rawness that exhilarates and leaves a trace signal for where the future might be headed. 

I would like to congratulate all participants on a job well done and for the bravery that it takes to put your art out there. Additionally I would like to give a big thank you to Joe Arredondo for the hospitality, warm biscuits and sinfully delicious jelly! 

Patrick Schneider, MFA.

View the virtual exhibition online.