Curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell

School of Art Landmark Gallery
November 18, 2021 - February 27, 2022

Witness @ TTU Landmark Arts

Witness is committed to the intricacies of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists who explore different ideas, but when they move together are able to accomplish radical forms of expression and affection. This collection of works by sixty-four artists, and afterword by Kelsey Sucena, will rearrange preconceptions and expectations that generally cluster around hegemonic ideologies connected to race and gender, while also challenging how viewers and academia think about intersectional forms of visual photographic language.


The artists included in Witness explore the personal, the psychological, the communal, and the unidentifiable. Only together with their differences will common goals and new missions come to form, be realized, and pursued. This book acts as a small step into the direction of a world cognizant of the values of critical race and gender theory.


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