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Dean's Fund for Excellence

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences has many expenses that are not covered by state or tuition funding. Comprehensive support for needs such as: student recruitment activities, one-on-one advising and student success initiatives; funds for students and faculty to attend academic conferences or purchase additional equipment; and research centers in the humanities and social sciences can only be covered by unrestricted money given to the Dean's Funds for Excellence.

Through the Dean's Fund for Excellence, the atrium in Holden Hall is being converted into inspiring surroundings for students by honoring distinguished alumni and supporters of the College. The Distinguished Alumni and Dean's Circle recognition walls pictured above have been completed. The next phase is the addition of furniture and carrels in the atrium area for student seating and study.

We Need Your Support

As recently as the 1980s, the state of Texas still contributed nearly half of the university's budget. Today, the state's contribution is 29.9 percent. By necessity, Texas Tech has made up the funding difference through increased tuition and fees and the vigorous pursuit of research grants and philanthropic support. As we embark on this historic first campaign for the College of Arts & Sciences, we encourage you to help us and give back. Your gift has an enormous impact on our ability to continue to provide an environment of learning, discovery and innovation where our students excel and grow.

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"As a rural, first generation college student I know how vital my education was in producing wonderful career opportunities." "I feel that any funding towards providing students with these experiences is money well spent."

—Brian Carreon, M.D., Shallowater, TX.


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