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Recruit High-Potential Students

With over 10,000 students, the College of Arts & Sciences is able to offer financial support to about 30% of our students. The need for increasing scholarship (undergraduate) and fellowship (graduate) support has never been greater as the cost of education continues to increase at all universities. Financial support reduces the need for students to work off-campus, alleviates families of financial burden, and contributes to earlier graduation.

The University and College lag our peers in the ability to offer four-year, admission scholarships and fellowships (two-year for Masters students). Admission scholarships and fellowships allow Texas Tech to recruit and support top students from Texas and the nation. These students stimulate the intellectual climate and play a critical role in Texas Tech's quest to become one of the nation's leading public universities. For graduate students, fellowship support can leverage state-funded stipends to raise the total financial support available to top students. By creating a named endowment, the donor will be able to establish the criteria for choosing a student. Available scholarship options are as follows:

Scholarship Levels

  • Innovator: $250,000
  • Founder: $150,000
  • Legacy: $100,000
  • Leadership: $75,000
  • Vision: $50,000
  • Achievement: $25,000


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