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"Everything that is done on these West Texas Plains ought to be on a big scale ... Let us make the work of our college fit with the scope of our country. Let our thoughts be big thoughts and broad thoughts. Let our thinking be in worldwide terms."
— Former Texas Tech President Paul Horn

Following Dr. Horn's vision, the College of Arts & Sciences has big aspirations to continue to build upon its roles as an educator of a 21st century workforce and a leader in innovation and research within the global community. As the largest college within the university, and one of the original four colleges represented at that first convocation at 10 AM on October 1, 1925, we have witnessed generations of students become innovators, community leaders, researchers, and educators, in Texas and across the nation. As time brings transformation in all its possibility, our focus remains on what these transformations can mean for the many generations of students who choose to trust their education to us.

In doing so, we seek to expand what it means to be a student at Texas Tech. Imagine the sense of possibility that comes with being taught astronomy by someone who was part of the team that first detected the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Imagine being a student in history who learned about the Vietnam War not just in the classroom, but traveling to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – crawling in the tunnels of Cu Chi and interviewing Vietnamese war veterans about their experiences. Imagine, instead of working off-campus to help pay for school, being paid to work in a faculty member's lab on a research project driven by the student's own curiosity, and from this hard work putting together a scholarly paper published in a respected journal. These are already the experience of many of our students, who continually astound with their versatility, intelligence, and ambition. Now imagine the impact on this and future generations as we deepen and more comprehensively invest in the programs, facilities, and faculty that enable such experiences. Imagine future possibilities: faculty on the National Academy of Sciences; Nobel and Pulitzer-prize winners teaching courses and holding office hours for students; and undergraduate researchers working alongside graduate students in research facilities that are modern and equipped to tackle the biggest questions of today and tomorrow. Imagine what it is to be a student in such a College, knowing that anything is possible.

We know our students want to have successful, fulfilling careers. Arts & Sciences has a proven record of producing innovative alumni. Our goal is to prepare every student to be an innovator in their chosen career. And we will do it by providing innovative faculty, experiences, and programs, – in short – by providing a learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and inquiry. These are the aspirations of the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech. In order to achieve these grandiose dreams, we need your support.

In February 2016, Texas Tech University was listed among the nation's top doctoral universities receiving the highest designation possible in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. This classification, announced every five years, is the foremost measure of a university's research, academic scholarship and teaching. The highest designation ("R1. Doctoral University – Highest Research Activity"), often referred to as "Carnegie Tier One," was previously held only by four Texas schools—the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, Rice University and the University of Houston. As Texas Tech continues its unprecedented growth, the College of Arts & Sciences must rise to the demands of a dynamic research-based institution while preparing lifelong learners for an increasingly global society. For students to be competitive in the workforce and to enhance their educational experience, they need to develop skills for innovation through exposure to discovery, creative processes, and engagement in critical thinking. Leading universities in this country are renowned for the rich environment they provide; an environment comprised of stimulating faculty, state of the art facilities, and rewarding academics.

Arts & Sciences remains the largest college on the Texas Tech campus with more than 8,750 undergraduates and 1,300 graduate students enrolled in 78 degree programs in 15 departments. The 530 faculty in Arts & Sciences teach over 1,200 courses per year. We are proud of the fact that our alumni go on to become the innovators of the future in a wide variety of disciplines: law; health, social services & medicine; industry; commercial development; commerce; government and public administration; academia and research laboratories.

Unmasking Innovation advances our vision for the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech University. This initiative will allow us to remain nationally and internationally recognized as a college that embodies the characteristics of a premier university: emphasizing research, scholarship and creative activity, undergraduate and graduate education, entrepreneurship and leadership in the humanities, social sciences, life and physical sciences to benefit west Texas, the state and the nation. To sustain the stimulating environment within the College of Arts & Sciences, Unmasking Innovation focuses on five major areas:

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