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Mathematics grad student John Calhoun talks about the Lazarus project, a supercomputer that uses big data to model disease outbreaks and Internet viruses. The project also simulates zombie manifestations to show K-12 students how the computer works and that math can be fun. So join John Calhoun in the fight against zombies. Work with the living to battle the undead. Learn how to become a heroic mathematician. Listen now to audio clip. Math degree.

Astophysicist Tom Maccarone talks about discovering the biggest pulsar ever. Listen now to audio clip. Physics degree. Faculty research. Astronomy.
Exercise & Sport Scientist Matt Stock talks about his strength training research in the Texas Tech Muscular Assessment Laboratory. His research shows that women who lift weights can live stronger and combat problems related to bone loss and muscle mass as they age. Listen now to audio clip. Exercise science degree. Faculty research. Kinesthesiology. Women's health and fitness.
Archaeologist Brett Houk talks about his study abroad research program in Chan Chich, Belize. Students stay in a jungle resort and participate in a Maya archeaolgical dig. Listen now to audio clip. Archaeology degree. Andthropology degree. Faculty research. Excavation. Maya ruins. Central America.
Ashalee Hurst researches the psychology of jealous women

 Angela Lumpkin's research shows that NCAA rules may hurt student's academic life

Biologist Chuck Cannon talks about his research into the ecology and evolution of trees in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. He finds that despite the dramatic changes people have brought, the forests have persisted through other rapid environmental changes in the past, such as glacial periods. The next step in his research is to discover how forests cope with change, so that people can prevent the loss of irreplacable biodiversity. Listen now to audio clip. Biology degree. Faculty research. Climate. Preservation. Conservation.
Sociology grad student Vanessa Leos talks about how she overcame self-doubt to apply for, and be appointed to, a Congressional Internship. She encourages other students to believe in themselves, their dreams and their futures. Listen now to audio clip. Sociology degree. Student achievement.
Atmospheric scientists Chris Weiss and Johannes Dahl talk about their research of tornados. Weiss conducts research in the field. Dahl conducts research by creating tornado models on a supercompuer. Their research methods are very different but their goal is the same: to find out more about how tornados form and behave so that warning systems can be improved. Listen now to audio clip. Earth sciences degree. Geosciences degree. Faculty research. Climate. Storms.
Geologist Dustin Sweet talks about his research of Late Paleozoic glaciers. He is testing the hypothesis that glaciers in that geologic period may have existed much closer to the Equator and at much lower elevations than they do now. His findings may help scientists understand how the Earth adapts to climate extremes. Listen now to audio clip. Geology degree. Faculty research. Climate change.

 Jerry Koch researches women who get multiple tattoos

Dimitri Pappas researches a faster way to detect sepsis
Lacalyn McComb researched the exercise hormone irisin
Seshadri Ramkumar researches new uses for cotton
Misak Avetisyan researches the cost of preventing another 9/11