Texas Tech University

Women's History Month 2022

The College of Arts & Sciences proudly shares this video from the Texas Tech University Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DDEI).

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Celebrate Women's History Month in Arts & Sciences

Attend the West Texas Women Leaders in Public Service, a panel discussion March 29, featuring:

    • Taylin Antonick, Internal Vice President TTU Student Government
    • Becky Garza, City Secretary Lubbock
    • Ebere Nwachukwu, External Vice President TTU Student Government
    • Elena Quintanilla, City Administrator, Ransom Canyon

Be Inspired by the Women of Arts & Sciences:

    • Aliza Wong, Interim Dean of the Honors College, Professor of History
    • Valorie Duvall, Administrative Assistant, Department of History
    • Kiara Garza, Junior Kinesiology Major
    • Ava Oliver, Undergraduate Biology Major
    • Anya Pazhoor, 2nd Year Pre-Med Undergraduate & Psychology Major
    • Kymberli Saldaña, Unit Manager, A&S Dean's Office, Student Division
    • Karen York, A&S Lead Academic Success Advisor & Certified Life Coach

Meet the Phenomenal Women of Arts & Sciences:

    • And Nominate a Phenomenal Woman for 2022.

Learn How Atmospheric Scientist Karin Ardon-Dryer Mentors High-School Girls Toward STEM.

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