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TTU professor Raegan HigginsTosha Dupras, inset; Holden Hall in backgroundTTU astrophysicist and NASA Einstein Fellow Alexandra TetarenkoTTU architectural detailTTU professor Aliza WongTTU campus architectural detailTTU professor Philip MarshallTTU professor Angela Lumpkina fountain at Texas Tech University

Arts & Sciences Faculty

 Faculty Resources

Policies, forms, and links to OPs for Arts & Sciences faculty & chairs.

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 Faculty Evaluation and Review

Info on position reviews, tenure, post-tenure and promotion in A&S.

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 Grant Editing

The College of Arts & Sciences offers in-house grant proposal services.

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 Faculty News

Keep up with the latest achievements and publications of A&S faculty.

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Dean's Office Leadership Team
Dean: Tosha Dupras
Associate Dean, Research: Nural Akchurin
Associate Dean, Student Recruitment & Retention: Stefanie Borst
Associate Dean, Student Affairs: Jorge Iber
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs: Randy McBee
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Amelia Talley