Texas Tech University

SAP Appeals

What is a SAP Appeal?

Texas Tech University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to apply reasonable standards for measuring whether a student is making progress toward a degree as a standard for participating in any federal student aid program. The State of Texas also requires that students meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (S.A.P.) standards in order to receive any state funded student assistance.

How do I file a SAP appeal?

Students must submit SAP appeals directly to the Financial Aid Office. Their major advisor must complete the advisor portion of the form before the appeal is considered complete. The advisor portion will be submitted by the advisor directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Please submit your request for the advisor portion of the SAP appeal by contacting the appropriate General Studies advisor.

Who is my General Studies advisor?

Once your advisor has completed their portion of the SAP form, it will be submitted directly to the Financial Aid Office. It is possible that you will not receive a response to your completed appeal until several weeks into the beginning of the semester. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you arrange a payment plan with Student Business Services in order to avoid being dropped from your courses for non-payment while your appeal is still being processed.