Texas Tech University

Distance Education

Completing a B.G.S. Degree Online

The Bachelor of General Studies degree may be completed online if the selected areas of study are available to complete through currently offered online courses. General Studies degree requirements for online students are identical to the requirements for on-campus students.

Foreign Language

Foreign language courses are currently offered online through Texas Tech University. Online students may fulfill this requirement in one of following ways:

  1. Complete 2 semesters of a single foreign language at the first-year level, or the equivalent, through Texsa Tech, or
  2. Submit a high school transcript which shows credit for at least 4 semesters of a single foreign language, or
  3. Submit CLEP scores with credit for 2 semesters of a single foreign language at the freshman-level or higher, or
  4. Complete 2 semesters of a single foreign language at the freshman level or higher at a local institution to transfer in to TTU. This can be done before or during your TTU enrollment.

Foreign language courses taken at a different institution during your TTU enrollment are subject to approval under the concurrent enrollment policies. Transfer credit may not be taken during a student's semester of graduation.

Students Outside of Texas

In order for Texas Tech University to offer online courses to students in states other than Texas, we must first comply with that state's requirements. Check your state's authorization status.

Online Courses

Online courses offered at Texas Tech University follow the traditional semester dates listed in the university's academic calendar. Most courses are administered via Blackboard and course material is typically delivered asynchronously. This means that while you must complete course work before due dates assigned by each instructor, you have the flexibility of completing the course work when it is convenient for you.

Some courses do not use Blackboard and some do require that students electronically attend a scheduled class time. Some courses use the Respondus Lockdown browser to administer quizzes and exams, while others may require that students locate a proctoring service near them in order to complete quizzes and exams. Please contact the course instructor for clarification regarding a course's method of delivery and requirements.

Full-time enrollment during long terms is 12 hours; half-time enrollment is 6 hours. Students may take a maximum of 19 hours in each long term and 16 total hours in the summer term.

Areas of Study for Online Students

The General Studies degree consists of coursework taken in three areas of study, which must be selected from established minors recognized in the Texas Tech Catalog. Two of the three areas of study must be within The College of Arts & Sciences. Not all minors are available through distance education.

View the current list of available online areas of study.