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Kelly Cukrowicz

Kelly Cukrowicz

Kelly Cukrowicz, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences, received the College of Arts & Sciences Excellence in Research Award—Social Sciences May 5, 2016, during the College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumni & Faculty Awards gala, held at The Rawls Course in Lubbock.

The Arts & Sciences Excellence in Research Award recognizes faculty who have distinguished themselves and have achieved national or international recognition for their research or other creative activity—one award to  a faculty member in each of the core disciplines of study in the College—Natural and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.

Cukrowicz is a clinical psychologist who has published 65 peer reviewed journal articles, eight book chapters, and two books. Her research focuses on the suicide risk among older adults in rural communities. Psychologists have made little progress toward developing theoretical approaches to explain suicidal behavior among older adults. Her work attempts to address this gap by providing suicide prevention strategies that target unique risk factors for suicide and to identify predictors for the underreporting of suicide ideation to advance our ability to detect suicide risk.

Robert Morgan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences, describes her research record as "beyond exemplary—it is outstanding." Cukrowicz is on the cutting edge of her field of research, and it is research with real, practical applications that address a serious national health problem.